South Africa Mecca of Child Trafficking

Child smuggling in Mozambique

Mozambique busts suspected child smuggling ring
Reuters South Africa – Johannesburg,South Africa
MAPUTO (Reuters) – Mozambican police have detained a suspected human trafficker after discovering 40 children packed into trucks in inhumane conditions along the African country’s main highway, an official said on Wednesday. The children were loaded on trucks in northern Mozambique and were en route to the southern part of the country, where there is a growing child labour and prostitution problem, said Feliciano Dique, a spokesman for the Sofala provincial police. The driver of one of the trucks told police they were transporting the kids to schools in the capital Maputo and elsewhere in the nation. “We don’t believe this theory because the children are hungry and weak, while they don’t have any proper documentation. The driver does not even know their names, therefore, he has been detained for questioning,” Dique said authorities have not yet prosecuted any human smugglers. Efforts to do so have been handicapped by the former Portuguese colony’s general tolerance of child labour, which is common in its rural areas, as well as its weak border controls The smuggling networks are usually small operations run by Mozambicans and South Africans. South Africa is one of the major destinations for those who fall prey to the human traffickers. An estimated 1,000 Mozambican women and children are trafficked to South Africa each year, according to the International Organisation on Migration (IOM).

We can hide our heads in the sand, but it is happening.

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